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The Texas Hill Country without a doubt, offers some of the best year-round motorcycle riding to be found in the state of Texas. The roads in the Texas Hill Country area offer spectacular scenic views and exciting riding for the novice and expert alike. For the motorcycle touring and cruiser rider, the Texas Hill Country offers enjoyable riding with many interesting and historic places to visit along the way. Whatever type of motorcycle roads you like, whether it be gentle curves or wild exciting turns, it can be found right here in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. There is so much to see and do in the Texas Hill Country and that will be the purpose of this website, to highlight some of the more interesting roads and places to see and visit while motorcycle riding in the famous Texas Hill Country.


2828 West of 173

The Texas Hill Country covers a large area from San Antonio north to Austin and then west for about a hundred miles. Besides the large cities such as San Antonio and Austin, there are numerous small towns as well.  Bankersmith, Sisterdale, Utopia and many others still offer the small town hospitality and charm that keeps visitors coming back time and time again to the Texas Hill Country. Throw into the mix the scenic views and great roads that motorcyclists enjoy and you have to ask yourself, what is not to love about the Texas Hill Country. One visit here and you will see why motorcyclists keep coming back for more. It is just a fantastic area to ride a motorcycle.

The roads west of San Antonio and Austin offer everything from gentle rolling hills to wild sweeping curves that can unnerve an inexperienced rider. But we also have roads that will satisfy the new rider too.  I would highly recommend that you investigate your travel route prior to taking off for the day. I will also do my best to point out the roads that inexperienced riders might want to avoid.

This area has so many great roads to ride that a map is essential. A map in hand can also save you should you get lost along the way. Maps can be purchased at most ice houses in the area. They can also be obtained from the Kerrville Chamber of Commerce located on Highway 16 South (Sidney Baker) when you enter Kerrville. We also have a map here to assist you with your travel plans.

Some remote areas of the Hill Country lack any fuel stops so I highly recommend topping off the tank often. It is not rare to ride 50 miles or more and not see any gas stations along the way. If you are riding the 3's, I would highly recommend topping off the tank when you pass through Leakey, Texas. It might be the last fuel stop you will see for some time.

Cell phone service can be non existent in some areas too.

If you are new to this area, use caution when it comes to deer and livestock. This area has a very large population of whitetail and exotic deer along with many kinds of exotic game that often can be found on the roadways. This is Texas ranch country and livestock often get loose and can be found wandering on the roadway. Be alert for deer when riding, especially in the morning and evening hours. The Hill Country has camels, cattle, wild hogs, buffalo, turkey, sheep, goats and so many other animals that caution is a must when riding.







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