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    12 miles northeast of Fredericksburg is the hidden jewel of Gillespie County, Willow City, Texas (population 75). Willow City is the gateway to "The Willow City Loop" which is a 20 or so mile stretch of beautiful Texas back road that any motorcyclist will enjoy. If you haven't ridden this jewel, then it is time to plan a trip towards Fredericksburg and experience what the Willow City Loop has to offer. You will not be disappointed.

The narrow road winds up, down and around green hills highlighted with wildflowers including large bluebonnet displays, Indian paintbrush and more. There are numerous cattle guards, farm gates and low water crossing so be prepared for most anything. Oh did I say cattle like to wander on the roadway as well? The Willow City Loop is just wide enough for two cars, provided both hug the side and the cattle get out of the way. One word of caution, if you go during the peak of the bluebonnet show, be prepared for a lot of other slow moving cars. To really enjoy the Willow City Loop, I like to go after the bluebonnets are done blooming, usually late April or early May. The Willow City Loop is also a great Fall season ride as well. Get a group of friends together and go ride the "loop."

The ride takes about 30 minutes to complete. If you happen to stop, DO NOT cross onto private property. All property around the Loop is privately owned so please respect that.

There are two really great places to stop and relax, eat and wet your throat while riding the Willow City Loop, one is "Harry's on the Loop" and the other is "The Knot on the Loop Saloon". Both are a must see while riding the Loop.

The Knot in the Loop Saloon is well....not in the Loop but you must pass by it on your way to Willow City from Fredericksburg. To quote them it is  "Part Saloon and Part Wild West-O-Rama." Wander around, check out the walls, the rafters, toss a dollar on the ceiling...  It's all so rustic/eccentric, tong in chic, it's a feast for the eyes. 

When you are in Willow City, stop at Harry's on the Loop, a bar/restaurant with "Ice, Beer, BBQ & much more." It's a great place to down an icy Lone Star, either inside or outside in the grove of picnic tables. Harry's on the Loop is what the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop is to Leaky. You just have to stop in. It is part of the ride. If you haven't irritated Harry before you leave, he may even ask you to sign the building's graffiti-covered walls.

Directions To Willow City Loop:

From Austin, take 290 West to Fredericksburg. From there, go 12 miles north on Highway 16, then right on FM 1323. Go about two miles to Willow City; the Loop begins there.

From Kerrville, take Highway 16 North through Fredericksburg, then right on FM 1323. Go about two miles to Willow City; the Loop begins there.

All photos on this page courtesy of Michael Knight - Southlake, TX


Willow City, Texas
The Knot on the Loop Saloon
Harry's on the Loop






       Knot on the Loop

Knot in the Loop Saloon

  Knot in the Loop Saloon  is located in the ghost town of Eckert near the Willow City Loop. Knot in the Loop was started in 2002 by two folks who just wanted to have a good bar to have a drink in.  

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